Christian Life

Our mission at Good Shepherd is to offer a Christian education in a caring environment.

As you enter Good Shepherd Lutheran College you are greeted by a sign. The sign includes the College logo with the word’s “Follow me”, and the symbol of a shepherd’s staff and bible. The same logo is worn on the uniform of our students, a daily reminder of who we are and what lies at the heart of our school.

The shepherd’s staff is a symbol of God’s constant care and protection. As a Christian school we recognize Jesus Christ as the one who embodied and exemplified that care and protection perfectly. He calls himself ‘The Good Shepherd’. He is the model for the care and inclusivity we as staff, students and families value and strive to live out on a daily basis. As Jesus seeks out and saves us, he helps us develop the same attitude and action towards each member of the college community and the wider world.

The Bible forms the basis of our understanding of who we are and our purpose in the world. Its main message is one of a God who accepts and loves us without cost on our part, and who is always with us. While undergirding all that we do here at Good Shepherd, this priceless truth finds its greatest expression in our weekly chapels. During this special time together with each other and God, we experience the message of the bible as it is shared creatively and relevantly, in lively or reflective ways that have something to offer every member of our community, meeting every person where they are at.

Follow Me. We encourage holistic growth, exploration and learning here at Good Shepherd, and frequently celebrate excellence of achievement. We see value in both independence and interdependence as we prepare young people for life in our world. Jesus’ words ‘Follow me’ call us to emulate his example of servant leadership and a Godly life, while allowing us to explore, discover and shape our lives uniquely, living out the adventure of our own story in the bigger picture of the time and space of this great gift we call life.

Essentially the role of our College Pastor is concerned with spiritual and general care of students, staff and their families. Oversight of staff and student worship and devotions, support to the Christian Studies faculty and Spiritual Life Captains, prayer ministry and support of ministry programs in outside congregations and the wider church are some of the ways our Pastor carries out spiritual care. More generally the Pastor places high value on building positive and friendly relationships with students and staff, exercising and promoting care in various ways; by offering pastoral care and counseling when needed, involvement on camps, music groups and wellbeing activities (eg. djembe drum circles), interacting with staff and students on and around campus, advocating for justice and promoting service learning and practise (eg. through organisations like Australian Lutheran World Service – ALWS) and by liaising with key staff members including the College Principal and Counselor.