Little Lambs Early Learning Centre

Little Lambs Early Learning Centre is an Early Learning facility opening 10hrs per day, 49 weeks of the year and offering a service environment Kindergarten program.

"Little Lambs Early Learning Centre exists to provide quality Christian education through connection to a natural, play-based learning environment." Little Lambs Early Learning Centre

Offering places for children aged 3 years to 5 years
Open Monday to Friday (excluding Public Holidays) 7.30am – 5.30pm

  • ROOM 1: 24 placed flexible program 3 to 5 years offering 2 to 5 days availability per child per week.
  • ROOM 2: 24 placed 4 to 5 years Kindergarten program. This program will require children to turn 4 years of age by June 30th and attend a minimum of 3 days per week. It will be run by a Queensland registered Early Childhood Teacher and will be a great transition into the Prep year at GSLC.


  • Non Refundable Enrolment Fee: $75
  • Daily fee $101 (including all meals)
  • Daily Holiday rate: $50.00 (Minimum 1 week of bookings)
  • Public Holidays: No charge

Little Lambs Early Learning Centre exists to provide quality Christian education through connection to a natural, play-based learning environment. Within our Curriculum we aim to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young children who help to create a better and more peaceful world through environmental understanding and intercultural respect.

Daily Meals Provided

Local business Chef for Kids, is our main food provider offering a variety of local fresh foods bringing healthy nutritious meals into our daily routine. Using whole meal flour and local honey to eliminate high sugars is an outstanding way to promote health and nutrition to children from a parent and Centre perspectives.


The Centre curriculum is designed from the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines and the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia. It embraces the inclusive vision that “All children experience learning that is engaging and builds success for life”. It values each child as an active learner, explorer, and investigator, giving them ownership of their individual learning as they discover new knowledge through play.

Our environment focuses on child agency and is set up within learning areas for distinctive choice of interest for each child. Our uninterrupted play session of 2 hours allows children to immerse themselves in meaningful play and our focused activity/routine times allows them to prepare for Prep.

Yearly calendar events

Organised events to promote awareness and celebration cultural and community events (i.e. Christmas, Easter, Mother and Father and Grandparent days, Australia day and any other Cultural days associated with families at the service,). The Centre also holds spontaneous special event dress up days based upon the children’s interests.

SSP Literacy program

To transition children into prep and give them a whole language approach to learning we offer the SSP literacy program through child agency and small group activities and games. This phonic awareness program is based on letter recognition and sounds through monster dance and read, write, ready games and activities.

Sustainable Living Learning

Our Sustainable learning program is embedded into daily practices with our recycled workshop, Plant hospital and vegetable garden, worm farm, compost and sun flower garden save the Bees program. Parent participation is always welcome and encourage to extend this learning into family homes.

Educational awareness weeks

To add that extra bit of fun and excitement and promote parent participation into the learning journey of children we also organise educational weeks that you are welcome to participate in: Science Week, Creative Arts Week, Literacy Week, and Numeracy Week. This allows families to understand the importance of learning through play.

Getting to know our Community

Community awareness underlines our program as we express our involvement through learning experiences. We participate in local charity events, link with the community Library for sessions and events, experience visits from the Fire Brigade, Police and Ambulance, and invite local businesses and voluntary services into the program to immerse the children in learning. Eg: Noosa council with a fun introduction to recycling, Wildlife rescue, Guide dog association, Soquilichi rescue ranch, Sealife Ocean learning, Sam the surfer beach safety and the new Woolworths tour excursions.


A Centre excursion will also be provided free of charge. The location will depend on the yearly events of the curriculum, and child interests, with an open decision to be made toward the end of the year.

We look forward to sharing your child’s learning journey with you.

"You are welcome to visit anytime."
Little Lambs
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