Academic Support

Good Shepherd is a unique community of learners and our goal is to develop and foster every individual in our care. The College espouses the belief that all enrolled students have the right to access and participate in the program offered by the College. To support students in reaching their full educational, social and emotional potential, the Learning Enrichment team takes a developmental approach that looks at each student’s strengths and challenges, finding ways to maximise their potential.

The vision and objectives for students at Good Shepherd are underpinned by the following principles:

  • Equity that allows all enrolled students to access appropriate educational programs that aim to meet their specific learning needs.
  • Recognition of difference in their speed of learning, the quality of their thinking, and their ability in one or more areas.
  • Educational excellence which results in learning outcomes consistent with their abilities.
  • Partnerships between teachers, parents, carers, students and other educational institutions.
  • Evidence-based practices that are informed by contemporary research-based practices.

The Middle and Senior Learning Enrichment team consists of:

  • Years 6 to 12 Learning Enrichment Coordinator
  • Years 6 to 9 Learning Enrichment Teacher
  • Learning Enrichment Teacher Assistants

Students are invited to be a part of the Learning Enrichment program, focused primarily on additional tuition in numeracy, literacy and/or organisational support, after review of one or more of the following:

  • Educational and other specialist reports
  • Standardised testing results
  • Student achievement
  • Teacher feedback
  • Parent/caretaker feedback

Support is offered to students via quality differentiated teaching practice in the classroom, Teacher Assistant support in class and/or small group working environment, and small group classes that supplement the existing classroom program.

The Learning Enrichment programs are:

  • Intensive
  • Highly structured
  • Success orientated
  • Highly motivational

The Learning Enrichment programs are fluid, allowing students to enter or leave the program throughout their schooling.