Senior Years

About Senior Years

The Senior Years at Good Shepherd are designed to empower students to realise their potential in a range of flexible and individualised pathways. Each student has the potential and capacity to enrich their work through the development of their gifts and abilities. We strive to tailor quality and authentic learning experiences to bring these gifts and abilities into fruition.


At Good Shepherd we offer a range of sporting opportunities for students in the Senior Years; with the sports curriculum following the guidelines of the Australian National Curriculum for Health and Physical Education.

Digital Technology

Technologies have been an integral part of society for as long as humans have had the desire to create solutions to improve their own and others’ quality of life. Technologies have an impact on people and societies by transforming, restoring and sustaining the world in which we live.

Camp Program

Year 10 - GOOGA - Outdoor Education

Academic Support

Good Shepherd is a unique community of learners and our goal is to develop and foster every individual in our care. The College espouses the belief that all enrolled students have the right to access and participate in the program offered by the College. To support students in reaching their full educational, social and emotional potential, the Learning Enrichment team takes a developmental approach that looks at each student’s strengths and challenges, finding ways to maximise their potential.

Leadership Opportunities

At Good Shepherd, we believe that leadership is an important attribute of every student. Our core values of respect, care, inclusiveness, quality and service nurture positive leadership qualities in every student.


Good Shepherd Lutheran College prepares students to develop the skills required to manage their career development and navigate an ever changing world of work.