The Arts

Visual Arts

Senior Years students can study Visual Arts as an elective. Students develop, research, reflect and resolve artworks using visual language, media areas and approaches selected for effective communication of individual ideas and acquired knowledge.

As part of their co-curricular studies, students have a number of opportunities to extend their knowledge and experience in the subject. For example, students can assist with the design and decoration of sets for the annual school musical production, as well as working closely with the community in many visual aspects of the College’s Shepherd’s Fair, including face painting, craft stalls and photography.

Students are also inspired through art excursions to the Queensland Art Gallery, the Gallery of Modern Art and the Noosa Regional Art Gallery. In addition, Good Shepherd gives Senior Years students the opportunity to participate in master classes, art workshops and activities during Arts Fest and Art Attack Week, and to refine and develop their skills and techniques through the College’s Artist in Residence Program.

Students are also encouraged to enter art competitions if they wish.


Drama during the Senior Years is an elective which offers an exciting opportunity to further develop the skills acquired during their Middle Years’ experience. Students study subjects such as Realism, Gothic Australian Theatre, Epic and Absurd Theatre, Doco-drama and Commedia. In addition, Senior Years students are given the opportunity to work with professional actors through the College’s Artist in Residence Program, as well attend regular professional theatre viewings.

The College holds a major musical production, alternating between Years 4 to 7 one year and Years 8 to 12 the following year. These large-scale productions offer a range of opportunities for students interested in acting, dance, drama, and backstage roles such as costumes, make-up, set production and lighting.

During the Senior Years, drama students also participate in a number of theatre and dance incursions.


As a part of extra-curricular opportunities, the College offers Senior Years students the opportunity to join the Senior Dance Troupe. Dancers are given many opportunities to work on choreography and performances for local competitions and in-school performances, including the College’s annual Shepherd’s Fair.


Senior Years students can continue to develop their understanding of music as an elective subject. The Kodály approach to music continues, with further incorporation of formal music theory into their learning. Through the application of learned music theory and musicianship skills, students work on the creation of their own music in various styles. The study of the history of Western Music and exploration of music in a wide variety of social contexts is central to music studies in the Senior Years.

Students also complete performance assessments on the instrument of their choice (including vocal or conducting), and in Year 12 there is the option to focus their music learning through Music Extension, where students choose to specialise in Performance, Musicology or Composition.